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3300/90 tower B, Elephant Tower (Tuk Chang) ,Chatuchak , Bangkok, Thailand 10900

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“As a young child my family often visited Buddhist temples. I was in awe of the elegant and glamorous gold Buddha statues. Each pose, posture, expression and hand gesture felt significant. At that moment, it made me impressed since then how we can bring edible gold leaf to make an elegant food and cakes”

Tidoro (Ti pronounced ‘Thai’ and D’oro, made from gold)

We provide premium edible gold leaf sheets to our customers, so that they can produce delightful desserts and captivating candy and cakes. We monitor the quality of our gold leaf to ensure it meets the international standard for genuine gold. We are proud of our certification from the Precious Metal Testing Laboratory of the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (ISO 9001 and ISO 17025).

Imagine decorating a raspberry macaroon with white mint ice cream and 23-ct. gold leaf, or a delectable sponge cake parfait, or a golden opulent ice cream sundae, or even a beyond gourmet jellybean with infused gold flecks. Dazzling!

We aim to bring the highest standards of sweet golden happiness and joy to our customers, without ever sacrificing quality; because when it comes to quality confectionary and dessert decoration, we have a heart of gold!