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Beautiful and healthy skin without pain

Company B-Fine brand

3300/90 tower B, Elephant Tower (Tuk Chang) ,Chatuchak , Bangkok, Thailand 10900

02-0152399 [email protected]

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Product Description : 

An intensive body care product extracted from vitamins from various fruits from Thailand. Helps to nourish skin dryness from being in the air-conditioned room all the time and help lessen the effect of dull skin from sunlight. The production has always been under doctor inspection. It is also sold in beauty clinics around Thailand. There are special natural extracts imported from Japan which use as special ingredients which makes the serum unique and retains the moisture of the skin for longer time.

Product Short Description :

1) our packaging has unique design

2) all productions processes are under doctor inspections

3) It is extracted from more than 90% Thai fruits.

4) It is an intensive skin care serum that absorbs into the skin quickly

Product Advantages :

1) brightening your skin naturally and stimulate the creation of skin collagen

2) Help removes the dead cell to make the skin smoother and stimulates cells turnover, if used regularly, it will help reduce scars and dark spots and wrinkles

3) Restoring the youthfulness of the skin, giving a quick moisture to the skin and preserve moisture for longer time 

4) Slow down the skin aging process and reduce dark spots and stretch marks

5) Reduces the production of melanin pigment

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Vitamin C

2) Glycolic Acid

3) vitamin B3

4) Premium Collagen

5) vitamin E 

6. Glutathione

Direction (How to use) :

Apply this serum every morning and evening regularly.

Safety Warning : 

If irritation or itching occurs, stop using it and see your doctor immediately.

Company : B-Fine brand

3300/90 tower B, Elephant Tower (Tuk Chang) ,Chatuchak , Bangkok, Thailand 10900

02-0152399 [email protected]

B-Fine brand

B-Fine brand is a Thai brand that has been open for 4 years. Our founders had problems with skin being hypoallergenic since teenage years, so we try to develop quality products that are suitable for that type of skins. The company focuses on skincare products which sell in many countries around the world such as Thailand, Myanmar, China, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, Oman, Kuwait, Israel. And a new product that makes a difference in the market is Aura cocktail (vitamin C body serum). We have received cooperation from famous doctors in Thailand which create many consumers trust in our excellent quality of products. Our products are also available in Thai skincare clinics.