Cambodi Kadeem (oud mist)

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without "Cambodi kadeem", without confident

Company Aminar-Thaiagarwood Co., Ltd

1065/19 ,ฺBangbon , Bangkok, Thailand 10150

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Cambodi Kadeem

(oud mist

Product Description :

how is the strong sweety cambodia oud oil will stay with you all day? With the technology of Hydroliptic flim coating and moisturizing the skin, combining with special classic blended will make your outstanding day strike the eyes and catch the nose from people surrounding. "Modern style" but keep and conserve for the old traditional with worth your pocket.

Product Short Description :

1) Agarwood oil from Cambodia 

2) Strong but classic 

3) Long lasting more than 5 hours 

4) Modern but keeping and conserving the old culture

Product Advantages : 

1) moisturizing the skin

2) long lasting

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Aqua 

2) Alcohol 

3) Agarwood oil extract from cambodia 

4) glycerin 

5) Propyplene glycol 

Direction (How to use) : 

spray all over body after shower

Safety Warning : 

Don't put direct to the sun, Keep out reach of children, Avoid contact the eyes

Company : Aminar-Thaiagarwood Co., Ltd

1065/19 ,ฺBangbon , Bangkok, Thailand 10150

02-0152399 [email protected]

Aminar - Thaiagarwood

Oud oil and and oud chip, the value as gold. It comes from natural, rare and high cost. Nowaday natural oud is difficult to find even some can farm them but still demand over than supply.

Our uncle has been extracting oud oil for more than 30 years. He always tell the story of plenty of natural oud when he was young. But now even he farmed still not good and not enough for the customers.

We know how difficult and valuable of oud. We have studied in this field for more than 15 years. We called art of smell. Modification is needed for this generation. In order to modernise the oud product, we make soap, shampoo, body mist, lotion and bakhoor. To reduce the cost of oud and make smell stay long and the best quality of products, is our job.

To use of oud will not only oud oil and oud chip but will be as home used product for everyday life.

We “AMINAR”, promise to control and keep best benefit for our customers. We will walk along with you because you are valuable customer.

Human always have many styles and desire to look good from others eyes. They have been creating things which can build people’s body image from generation to generation; such as, shirts, pants, lips, and perfume. Now, we ,Aminar, are proudly to present our products that are ranked in the most expensive perfume in the world which is Oud.

All of the products that we are sold had been selected before we decided to put them on sale. Which means the quality of products and customer satisfaction are the first thing that we care about.

" Aminar , the place you can trust " 


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