Chicken Massaman Curry

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Successful recipe for authentic Thai curry. We guaranteed deliciousness

Company Queen Inter Farm Co., Ltd

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Chicken Massaman Curry

Product Description :

Chicken Massaman Curry is a curry dish that has been influenced by India. It contains indispensable spices like coriander, fennel, moonflower, cardamom, clove, which give off a fiery flavor. In traditional Thai food, fresh herbs are mixed in chili paste and seasoned to be salty, sweet and greasy, and has been ranked as the number 1 delicious food in the world by CNNGO website recently.

Product Short Description :

1) When eating a lot of meat and coconut milk curry, our stomach will not be full because it contains spices to help stop the fishy smell and has a wonderful fragrance

2) This curry is fairly high in fat, therefore having relatively high energy

3) With spices And herbs that are beneficial to the body

4) Contains protein from chicken and high in dietary fiber

Product Advantages :

1) Cinnamon helps with indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

2) Garlic onions help relieve cold symptoms.

3) Tamarind juice contains vitamin C and is a mild laxative

4) Fennel cloves help expel the wind and expectorate.

5) Ginger can help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Sliced chicken

2) Coconut milk

3) water

4) Sugar

5) Massaman Curry Paste

6) Fish sauce

7) Kaffir Lime Leaves

8) Pine Apple

9) Potato

10) Eggplant

11) Onion

Direction (How to use) :

A: Put the Retort bag on the hot water 5 minutes Pour into a container for eating

B: Put the Retort bag to the sun 5 minutes Pour into a container for eating

C: Cut the Retort bag and Pour into a container+Mix water 1/2 bag for microwave 2 minutes, Ready for eating

Safety Warning :

Look at the production date and expiration date on the bag.

Company : Queen Inter Farm Co., Ltd

189/821 floor 31 Moo6 ,Bang Yai , Nonthaburi, Thailand 11140

02-0152399 [email protected]

Queen Inter Farm Co., Ltd

Queen Inter Farm Co., Ltd. was established to distribute processed rice into ready-to-eat rice and processed quality Thai products for the benefits of consumers’ health. Suphanburi province, the number one area of Thailand renowned for producing organic products, has produced quality rice of Thailand. Our intention to spread delicious, and good quality products to promote good health for consumers. Our slogan is "Clean Food Good Taste from Farm to Table by Thailand Products “. Various Thai herbs are available in the Company's various curry products under our brand QUEEN INTERFARM by Nasuphan. We select, produce, pack and distribute quality, safe ready-to-eat products that benefit the health of consumers both in Thailand and around the world. We also produce OEM production for ready-to-eat processed agricultural products under the standard of GMP, HACCP, Halal.


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