Dalah The princess

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Beautiful work, fine work, delicate craftsmanship


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Dalah The princess 

Product Description :

The princess by Dalah Pateh Handbag Compliment your look with the distinctive style of The princess's handbag. This striking shape is created from our unique textured prints rose pattern. Enhanced features with inner multi-purpose zipped pocket and two compartments. Makes it easier to store and get your essentials.

Product Short Description :

1) Pattern 

2) Style 

3) Convenient 

4) Various function 

Product Advantages :

1) Printed handbag 

2) Portable 

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Made of Cotton  

2) 2 top handles  

3) Zipper fastening 

4) 2 Single main compartment  

5) Toray lining 

Direction (How to use) :

Portable Pack

Safety Warning :

Do Not Machine Wash , Hand Wash ,Do Not Bleach, Do Not Wring ,Warm Iron


ClickInter Business 125 Prasertmanukrit Soi 19 ,Lat Phrao , Bangkok, Thailand 10230

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]


Dala Pateh is a group that makes Muslim clothes. It was initiated by a group of women who were facing the decreasing price of their farming products. Therefore, they would like to do something that can create jobs and earn more income, not only for themselves but also for their family and community. The members of the group are interested in making clothes and they want to do this after they finish their main job which is rubber tapping in early morning. The group has also produced different styles of handbags to meet the need of various groups of its customers. With using Pateh is main compose in making clothes. Identity of Pateh is flower clothes ,fresh colorful , beautiful pattern and outstanding. It teels to culture and local wisdom.This makes its products become more interesting.

Currently, the group has given an opportunity to young orphan girls from 15-18 year of the Emirate's Orphanage who are interested in making clothes. So that they would earn some income for themselves in the hope of having a better life in the future.


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