Gluco Peel off Modelling Mask

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Ready-to-use Hi-end mask popularly used in leading spas and beauty salons, made from 99.5% natural ingredients. Another essential facial beauty treatment step for perfect nourishment for your skin.


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Gluco Peel off Modelling Mask

Product Description :

LILLE Gluco Peel Off Modelling Masks are the Ready-to-use Hi-end mask. They are formulated by France Technology and are made from 99.5% natural derived ingredients, a perfect combination of natural extracts from France and meticulously selected local ingredients without hazardous chemical substances. 

Product Short Description :

1) The Masks fit with any face shape. It creates a seal between your skin and the mask; thus, provides deep skin treatment.   

2) Immediate skin revitalizing

3) Eliminate heavy metal e.g. Cadmium, Lead, Mercury which is a cause of early skin aging.

4) Safe to use with 99.5% natural derived ingredients, without hazardous chemical substances

5) Removing dead skin cells, stimulate collagen generation

6) Increase skin cell turnover gently without AHA, BHA

7) Anti aging with Antioxidants abundance

8) Skin Soothing and Firming

9) Feel the difference at the first time of using

Product Advantages :

1) Cranberry: Pink cranberry extract obtained from wild berries leaves a pleasantly scented veil on the skin. It is abundant with polyphenols and tocotrienols known for antioxidant and anti-aging property protecting skin from external aggressions. Tannins contained in the extract also gently eliminate impurities and thus deeply clean the skin.

2) Carrot: The carrot extract and carrot seed oil are abundant with beta carotene known for antioxidant property. It provides softness, suppleness and radiance to the skin and helps firming and revitalizing.

3) Cucumber: The cucumber extract is genuine cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It is an ideal care for refreshing, eliminate impurities from the skin for suppleness and radiance and gently remineralising the skin to reveal your natural beautiful skin.

4) Natural Cold Spring Mineral Water: The water is filtered by more than 1,000 feet of strata beneath a pristine high mountain in Northern Thailand. It has an abundance of natural minerals. Unlike hot spring water, it does not contain sulfur and thus safe for your routine skincare.

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Diatomaceous Earth

2) Algin

3) Glucose

4) Kaolin

5) Lecithin

6) Butylene Glycol

7) Disodium EDTA

8) Calcium Sulfate

9) Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

10) Sodium Phosphate

11) Cranberry Formular: Cranberry extract

12) Carrot Formular: Carrot extract

13) Cucumber Formular: Cucumber extract

14) Natural Cold Spring Mineral Water 

Direction (How to use) :

1) Pour the mask powder and mineral water into the lid.

2) Use the spatula to stir vigorously and quickly until they are well mixed and become a creamy paste (avoiding inhalation of mask powder)

3) Immediately use the spatula to apply the mask paste all over your face within 1-2 minutes and leave for 15 minitues. The mask paste will turn into a soft thick rubber sheet.

4) Peel off the mask, wash off with water and feel the difference.

Single use,Recommend 2-3 times a week

Safety Warning :

Precautions for use: Avoid eye area


77/111 Golden Prestige Watcharapol Sukhapiban 5 ,Saimai , Bangkok, Thailand 10220

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]



We are striving to select finest ingredients, superior technology and create innovations in the development of skincare products "with customer - centric in our mind to achieve premium quality products that are well recognized internationally especially Asia". Our products are good value and accessible to most people. We make a commitment to deliver great customer experience in beauty skincare around the world"

Brand background:

LILLE: LILLE is the name of a city at the northern tip of France with the Deûle River flows through. It is recognized as the important historical city and archaeological site, and highly regarded as the cultural capital of Europe; hence, we use this city name to represent our image of aesthetic and beauty. 

Professional Skincare:

Imply being professional in skincare. Therefore our products are contained with only meticulously selected ingredients that is high quality and safe, developed innovatively with customer- centric in our minds. We are committed to put 100% of our hearts to deliver great customer experience to ensure they obtain only the best products and services from us.


The symbolic represents the world with river flows. It means we will develop skincare products that deliver moisture, nutrient abundance, and healthy skin to customers around the world.  

Therefore, all products under the brand name LILLE PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE are meticulously selected and innovatively developed with good quality and are ready to deliver to customers for nourishment, protection, regeneration and caring of their skin for skin beauty and perfection with international recognition.

We run business with customer - centric in our mind. Our products

are good value with international standard quality.


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