Krissana charcoal soap

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Selected the nature's best for your skin care.

Company Krissana Inter Co.,ltd

1 Soi Ladprao 3 Jomphon Chatuchak ,Ladprao , Bangkok, Thailand 10230

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

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Krissana charcoal soap

A soap that provides great benefits has light and soft foam which can be  rinsed off easily,

skin deep cleansing,  and the real essential OUD oil mixed with Charcoal  

We are pleased to present  the ultimate perfection of  our special-formula soap.  

The soap can nourish skin to be  whitened, bright, moisturized, soft,  and smooth,  

With the ingredient of the world's most recognized expensive essential oil, at affordable price.

Product  Description :

1) The real essential OUD oil mixed with Charcoal  

2) Organic 100% 

3) rinsed off easily 

4) essential oil, at affordable price. 

5) Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin 

Product Advantages : 

1) Minimize and prevent acne, and correct inflammatory acne. 

2) Improve dull skin and nourish facial skin for bright, smooth and lighter skin tone 

3) Control excess sebum production; suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin. 

4) Minimize lymphatic disorder, correct skin problems such as dry skin, sensitive skin,

Ecthyma, dermatophytosis, acne, and fungal infection on facial skin 

5) Tighten pores, nourish, soften and moisten skin 

Product Specification / Ingredients : 

1) Agarwood Oil : Having medicinal properties; minimizing inflammation and rash,

2) Agarwood Honey : Healing skin; softening and moistening skin;

minimizing blackheads; protecting skin from UVA and UVB tightening pores, healing skin, slowing down skin aging 

3) Agarwood Dry Spray Powder : Increasing moisture; minimizing lines and wrinkles;

boosting radiance and brightness of skin 

4) Agarwood Charcoal : detoxifying skin; Cleaning and removing impurities or blackheads 

Direction (How to use) : Use cleansing 2 times a day - morning and evening. 

Safety Warning : Do not eat / Avoid contact with eyes. 

Company : Krissana Inter Co.,ltd

1 Soi Ladprao 3 Jomphon Chatuchak ,Ladprao , Bangkok, Thailand 10230

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

Krissana Inter Co., Ltd.

 Established in 2019, as a newcomer of MLM industry with the availability of best product,

staff and modern systems to support. More importantly,

our product is the first Thai’s herbal under world patent.

We are focus on the production of Agar wood which is worth and can make money both Thai and foreign country.

A few competitors It is a great opportunity for members to be able to drive

and have a solid career in the performance integrity.

And a vision of a new generation of managers who have the technology to help manage the company.

We believes that by the year 2020, Krissana Inter will expand our customer base by 100%

and expand the international market alongside each other and to develop all the products in the whole

and consumer life, so that Thai people will have good careers and health under innovative products.

We will be of the one of Thai companies who will be growing up with the Thai people.