Lemon Honey Glaze

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Real honey-coated lemon with delicious taste

Company IK interfood co.,ltd

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Lemon Honey Glaze

Product Description :

We have selected premium quality lemons and processed with meticulous cleaning method, then baked to add a touch of lemon rind taste. A test and research have been carried out to make lemon rind edible without the taste of astringent and bitterness while maintaining full benefits. After that, it would be coated with 100% pure wild honey, resulting in a unique taste and aroma. It is even more perfect when combined with the soft aroma of lemon causing the balance of smell immediately upon opening the lid, just like a wonderful aroma therapy. Additionally, with a texture that is not hard and not too soft, with natural sweet taste from honey breaking with the sour taste of lemon making it a snack suitable for all ages and occasions.

Product Short Description :
1) Can be eaten with rind,not astringent and not bitter
2) Real honey
3) Can be stored for 1 year

Product Advantages :
1) Anti-oxidant that prevents cold, reduces sore throat and adds freshness to the body.
2) Inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent various diseases.
3) Relieve flatulence, colic, distension in the intestine.
4) Stimulate liver to produce more bile resulting in normal function of the digestive system. 
5) Nourish the heart and prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease.
6) Reduce stomach acid in digestion because honey is absorbed immediately.
7) Reduce body heat.
8) Purify the blood, treat anemia because honey contains iron.
9) Relieve fatigue and help to sleep better.
10) Help to control weight and lose weight.

Product Specification / Ingredients : 
1) 60% lemon 
2) 40% honey

Direction (How to use) :
Be eaten as a snack.Mix with hot or cold water or coffee to add the aroma and sweetness to your favorite drink, or 

Safety Warning :
For best quality, it should be consumed before the expiry date.

Company : IK interfood co.,ltd

152/552 Supalai City Resort Ramkhamhaeng ,Bangkapi , ิBangkok, Thailand 10240

02-0152399 [email protected]

IK interfood co.,ltd

IK Inter Food has been established to support and expand Thai products as well as to promote Thai farmers to generate income as we are well aware that Thai products are of good quality, just like those of any other countries. Accordingly, we would like to take this opportunity to invite Thai people to consume Thai products and the Company is very pleased to export Thai products with acceptable quality and production standards to the world market.


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