Modelling clay (DINO)

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428 Anamai Ngamcharoen Road, Thakham ,Bangkhoontien , Bangkok, Thailand 10150

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Modelling clay

Products story

Let's enhance your creativity with our modeling clay DINO. Children can enjoy the modeling clay with Dino cutters and play the game on the blister card with gluten free and non-toxic product.

What’s inside?

12 colors of modeling clay with 6 Dino cutters and 1 tool in blister card.

Products Advantages

1) Natural ingredients

2) Non-Staining

3) Gluten Free

4) Full range of colors

How To use

Shaping the clay according to kid's imagination.

Safety Warning

Do not eat and wash the hand after playing

Shelf Life : 4 years


428 Anamai Ngamcharoen Road, Thakham ,Bangkhoontien , Bangkok, Thailand 10150

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]


Nara Global Co., Ltd. has been established, in the year 1975 and played a major role in the field of modelling materials manufacturer in Thailand.

Currently, we are distributing to more than 77 countries around the world.

Our company is a member of ICTI and we’ve successfully accredited ISO 9001:2015.

All products are GLUTEN FREE and conformed to International Standard for US and European market such as EN71, REACH, and ASTM certified.

Currently, we produced 12 kinds of clay which have been categorized in Kids products and Professional Products.

Modelling clay, It is oil based modelling material that never dries out, shrinks or hardens after being left out in the air. It can be used over and over again. No mould or fungus can form on the clay therefore no preservatives are added, making it totally safe for children. Our clay is non-toxic, although we do not recommend eating, in the case of ingestion a child will digest it without any harm.

Non Drying Dough, It is a kind of dough which is never dry out and made of natural material. It is totally safe for children and non toxic. Non drying dough is colorful and add vitamin E , easy to shape and very soft.

Floating clay, oil based modeling material with lower density than water giving ability to float. Freely in water and is the perfect choice for bath-tub playing, after finished playing, the clay can be left out to dry and can be used over and over again.

Dough, It is water based modelling material that is extremely soft to touch and gluten free so it totally safe for kids with gluten allergies. It can be dried if left in the air. However, it needs to be kept in airtight container.

Light clay, It is a super soft air-drying modelling material, it is self-hardening and dry out naturally. It needs to be kept in airtight storage in order to remain soft and not dry out.

Foam clay, It is foam based modelling material is containing small foam beads which give an interesting and unique texture. It is water based and air-drying. It needs to kept in airtight storage in order to remain soft and not dry out.

Paper mache, made from paper pulp, and built in glue, it is easy to use, just put the water in a 3:1 ratio. Acrylic or poster paints can be applied after dried to perfect the look of the finished product.

Kids tools, Our complete range of accessories develops wisdom among kids by utilizing their ultimate abilities while playing with our modelling material.

Craft tools, Complete range of tools and varnishes will help achieve a more complete, refined and polished look for your masterpieces.

Air dry clay (Hard), it is an air-drying modelling material mixed with special fiber, which strengthens the product when it is dried, Making it harder and tougher than normal air-drying clay. After it has dried, it can be painted with acrylic paints to perfect looks.

Air dry clay (Flexible), water based, air-drying modelling material that dries translucent, can bend twist completely without breaking, it can also be pulled into thin petal-like shapes making. It is suitable to make the flower.

Polymer clay, “the make and bake” clay hardens after baking in an oven about 15-30 minutes (Depending on the size of the project) at 130 Celsius. After baked, it will completely harden and hold its shape. It can be painted with ink or acrylic paint. It is an ideal for sculpture and jewelry making.

Ceramic clay, It is a heavy-weight modelling material that comes from the earth. Often used in the making of ceramic pieces, the finished product needs to be fired in a kiln at 1,000-1,200 Celsius. Ceramic clay does dry if it is left out in the air.

Sculpture clay, a smart choice for professional sculptures and model makers. The clay’s density is very high and is amazing at achieving very fine detail. It is perfect for prototyping, does not require heat to shape or mould. It is an oil based modelling material so it will not dry out after being left in the air.


Certificate 1: Modelling clay (DINO)