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Cleans the intestines and improves digestive system.

Company MURR

14 Mu 17 ,Taling Chan , Bangkok, Thailand 00170

02-0152399 [email protected]

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Product Description :

MURR Fiber is a natural extract imported from Japan. MURR is a delicious and easy to drink fiber. The fiber will help absorb sugar and fat, it also cleanses and eliminate toxins in the intestines. It also contains prebiotics that are effective in balancing the digestive system and help cure constipation. MURR helps improving your digestive system. Dandelion root extract helps detoxify the liver. Chitosan and white kidney beans trap flour and fat. It helps you lose weight, stay in good and firmer fit shape. In addition, there are also extracts from many kinds of berries that are effective in fighting free radicals resulting in brighter,smoother, and glowing skin.

Product Short Description (for main page) :

1) Help the digestive system. Cleanses toxins in the liver and intestines.

2) Traps flour, sugar and fat. Helps body to burn fat, lose weight, and trim waist line.

3) Brighten skin and cure acne caused by toxins.

Product Advantages :

1) Cleans the intestines and improves digestive system.

2) Detoxifies the liver and boosts the immune system.

3) Helps losing weight.

4) Helps the body to better absorb nutrients.

5) Brighten skin.

6) Reduces the risk of colon cancer.

7) Solves chronic constipation problem.

8) Reduces bad breath and bad body smell.

Product Specification / Ingredients :

1) Frutooligosaccharide 5000 mg. 

2) Psylium Husk Powder 5000 mg. 

3) Garcinia Extract 1500 mg. 

4) Strawberry Power 1000 mg. 

5) Blue berry Extract 1000 mg. 

6) Chitosan 739.85 mg. 

7) Cranberry Extract 500 mg. 

8) Konjac Power 500 mg. 

9) Wheat Grass Extract 500 mg. 

10) White Kidney Bean Extract 400 mg. 

11) Alfalfa Extract 260 mg. 

12) L-Glutathione 250 mg. 

13) Flax Seed Extract 240 mg. 

14) Dandelion Root Extract 100 mg. 

15) Gynostemma Extract 50 mg. 

16) Kelp Powder 0.15 mg. 

17) Maltodextrin 2550 mg. 

18) Malic Acid 400 mg. 

19) Sucralose 10 mg. 

Direction (How to use) : 

Mix Murr Fiber well with 150-200ml room temperature or cold water and a clean glass. Drink immediately after mix. Take it before bedtime.

Safety Warning :

Children and pregnant women should not take MURR fiber.

Company : MURR

14 Mu 17 ,Taling Chan , Bangkok, Thailand 00170

02-0152399 [email protected]




MURR established because my family and I had health problems. We have bad digestive system. We keep looking for an anti aging doctor who is specialised in intestinal matters. We used to have a detoxification bowel for 10 times, which every time is torture and painful, sometimes even with tears and trembling pain. There is a high cost of hundreds of thousands to do this. And the doctor said that most people have problems with this health issue even included the colon cancer

So we think that if we can make products that help balance the function of the digestive systems, this can be good for many people. And they will not waste money on health problems like our family. No suffer nor longer unbalanced digestive system. I also have an older brother who drink alcohol daily, so I think if the intestine improved and the liver is still not good, that’s a question to us.

I also learn that most people want to have good health and good skin, but like to eat grilled food, buffet, fried food. So if we make supplements that can solve these problems. Finally we asked the anti aging doctor about making detox products that can look after the whole intestine and liver together. This can solve problems of obesity and help brightening skin and good health from inside out. We are so lucky that doctor gave us full suggestions of ingredients, who should try the supplements, who should not try, including how we can tell the importance of detox for consumers to understand easily


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