Organic Cocoa Powder (MarkRin Brand)

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The Authentic Taste of Thai Chocolate

Company MarkRin Chocolate Co., Ltd.

22/1 Moo 9, San Sai Noi ,San Sai , Chiang Mai, Thailand 50210

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Organic Cocoa Powder

(MarkRin Brand)

Products story 

          MarkRin Organic Cocoa Powder is 100 percent pure cocoa powder with a standard cocoa color. Markrin's products are derived from an organic cocoa farm that only grows the I.M.1 cocoa baens variety, and only high-quality beans are selected for normalized manufacturing processes. MarkRin 100% pure organic cocoa powder with specific special aroma, is easy to prepare and can be used to make drinks, ice cream, bakery products, and desserts.

          MarkRin Organic Cocoa Powder has been USDA and EU Organic certified from the farm to the manufacturing process (Handling) by using all natural processes without the use of any chemicals. It is free of sugar, starch, milk powder, non-dairy creamer and food coloring. It is totally made of natural tastes produced from Thai cocoa beans, which contain 22-25% cocoa butter. Food safety certifications such as GMP, HACCP, and FSSC22000 are available. The Halal product mark was issued by Was issued by The central Islamic Council of Thailand. 

Products Advantages 

1) Organic Cocoa Powder 100%

2) No Trans fat, Gluten and allergen free

3) Sugar-free, NO added startch, sweetenteners, non-dairy creamer, colour and flavours

4) 100% Natural Processes

5) Plant-based food, Non-GMO products

6)Easy to prepare, suitable for making beverage or baking products

7)Specific special taste from I.M.1 cocoa variety

8)USDA (NOP) and Euro Organic Certified

9)GMP, HACCP and FSSC22000 Food safty Certified

10)Received the Halal product certification mark from the Central Isalamic Council of Thailand 

Products Ingredients

Organic Cocoa Powder 100% 

How to use

How to Make Hot Cocoa Drink (1 serve): Prepare 100-120 ml. of hot or room-temperature water, hot milk or hot plant-based milk, Add 2 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder by MarkRin, Add sweetened condensed milk, sugar or other sweeteners as preffered. Enjoy your drink on your way.  

Safety Warning 

Keep in dry and cool place (not over 35 degree Celcius)  

Shelf Life : 24 months


Company : MarkRin Chocolate Co., Ltd.

22/1 Moo 9, San Sai Noi ,San Sai , Chiang Mai, Thailand 50210

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

MarkRin Chocolate Co., Ltd.

“From research to the development of the I.M.1 cocoa variety and the creation of cocoa and chocolate products.”

          MarkRin was founded in 1987 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. San Laongsri, one of the company's founders, who began teaching and researching about cocoa as well as other beverage crops, such as tea and coffee in the Pomology Division, Department of Agricultural Production at Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

          In 1992, 
Dr. La-ongsri and his wife received the Peruvian ICS variety as a present from a friend from Wichita,
Kansas, who was visiting Thailand   
as part of a cultural exchange program between Maejo University   and Wichita State University. Until 2001, a friend of Assistant Professor  Dr. Sumeth Ketwaraporn, who taught at Central Luzon State University  in the Philippines, gave him a hybrid Criollo-Forastero chocolate variety   (Amelonado subspecies).

          After the Peruvian and Philippine cocoa  plants fruited, the hybrid was refined until a new aromatic cocoa type was created. At the same time, Associate Professor Dr. Sanh La-ongsri began research into post-harvest technology, such as the fermentation and drying of cocoa beans in order to produce high-quality dried cocoa beans, paving the way for the development of cocoa and chocolate products with the help of his wife, Kanokked La-ongsri.

          Five years later, In 2005, The MarkRin (มาร์คริณ) brand was created, being named after the two children of Dr. La-ongsri and his wife: Mark (youngest son) and Irin (eldest daughter).

          In 2017, Following the completion of the cocoa variety's research and development, the new aromatic cocoa variety was registered with the Department of Agriculture as "I.M.1" ("I" stands for Irin, and 'M' represents for Mark), and MarkRin Chocolate Co., Ltd. was formed. For the part of MarkRin Farm, in 2018, MarkRin Farm Co., Ltd. was formed with the goal of expanding I.M.1 cocoa farming throughout Thailand.

          MarkRin began representing Thailand as a National Organization Committee (NOC) to the Cocoa of Excellence Program in 2019, tasked with establishing a committee responsible for selecting Thai cocoa beans to compete on the world arena and then in 2020, The first Thai cocoa organization was established with the aim of supporting long-term study and development in both the agricultural and industrial aspects of Thai cocoa and chocolate production.

MarkRin is the first "Thai Organic" chocolate and cocoa brand
certified by USDA (NOP) and Eu Organic. All MarkRin products have
received GMP, HACCP, FSSC2200 for food safety standard certifications
and are marked as Halal products by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand.

Ms. Kanokked La-ongsri is a key pioneer in the history of the comprehensive range of MarkRin cocoa and chocolate products, which are dry cocoa beans, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, all types of chocolates, cacao products (Special process with temperature-controlled below 40 °C), and chocolate coating products. 

From the beginning of research with various cocoa beans to the distribution of seedlings to farmers throughout the country. We work directly with Thai farmers to transform Thai cocoa beans into high-quality organic cocoa and chocolate products, which is why our slogan is "From Seedling to Chocolate."

MarkRin Chocolate is dedicated to not only developing and sustaining relationships with Thai farmers. We are also aware of and intend to develop, cocoa and chocolate products derived from "Thai cocoa beans" in order to achieve higher quality, higher standards, and a broader range of products by expanding the scope of product development, with the goal of becoming a Thai chocolate brand on par with world-class chocolate in the near future.


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