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Genomic detox, Good health starts at intracellular level

Company Renatar Innovation Group Co., Ltd.

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Renatar Fiber X

Products story

When people get older, the number of free radicals will increase accordingly.

The cells in the body are weakened, making us sick easily and looks more older than usual. Also taking care of others such as taking general anti-oxidant supplements can only fight extracellular free radicals. But free radicals inside our cells continue to harm our DNA every day. Consequently, this cellular maturity Leading to the aging of the body, weak health, and various diseases.

CELLTUIN which is the latest innovation in Renatar Fiber X. It was invented to reverse cell age by taking Tran-Resveratrol (Red grape extract) into cells to stimulate the production of protein Sirtuin. The main culprits in detoxification fight and eliminate free radicals in the cells wonderfully. When our cells are healthy and not hurt resulting in the body not aging, fresh, not easily exhaustion, difficult to get sick, get well faster or even a longer life as well confirmed by international research from researchers at the doctor level (PhD.)

In addition, Celltuin in Renatar Fiber X is the first copyright innovation. And the only one in Thailand !! Which is supported by research and development by AVS Innovation and many other national organizations.

A dream that humans will resist aging Having a healthy health and longevity, you won't be a dream anymore with Renatar Fiber X supplements.

"Genomic Detox" Good health starts at the cellular level "

In addition, Fiber X also helps with fertility. Because when the body removes the accumulated waste and then has absorbed good nutrients into the body. This stimulates all systems in the body more efficient, the uterus is stronger, suitable for supporting the implant So it is not surprising that Customers who have plans to have children but are not successful. When taking care of their health by drinking Fiber X, it was found that more than 90% of the intending customers became pregnant after consuming fiber X consecutively 1-2 months or more

Fiber X also helps with GERD, gastritis and any Stomach diseases to lighten and disappear with alfafa ingredient contained in Fiber X which supports international research

Products Advantages

Renatar FiberX Key Benefits

1. Helps the intestinal system to absorb nutrients, reduce constipation and promotes natural excretion

2. Helps eliminate belly fats and loses weight

3. Stimulate normal bowel movements, prevent external and internal hemorrhoids.

4. Inhibit and prevent colon cancer also be the suportive treatment of gastritis

5. Helps eliminate toxins in the digestive system

6. Make the skin bright, not dull, reduce body odor and bad breath.

7. Helps fight free radicals as Super Anti-Oxidant.

8. Help with heart disease and maintain eyesight, prevent the occurrence of cataract

9. Anti aging of skin cells. Restore moisture to keep the skin healthy.

10. Maintain blood sugar balance and reduce cholesterol

11. Reduce blood pressure

12. Prevention of cancer cell factors

13. Delay premature aging.

14. Prevent certain pathogens and enhance immunity

15. The brain is relaxed, not stressed, the mind is cheerful.

Outstanding properties are divided according to the 4 main components as follows

1. prebiotic : food for friendly bacteria, helping maintain intestinal balance

2. Phytonutrients : extracts from various fruits that boost the body's functioning

3. Celltuin : the innovation of cell rejuvenation through genome detoxification for a strong healthly body

4. GOS : the latest innovation of prebiotics with similar compounds to those found in breast milk

Products Ingredients

Ingredients and properties of Renatar FiberX contains a total of 18 nutrients with the latest innovation of cell rejuvenation and detoxification.The frist and only one in Thailand

1. Celltuin : is the ultimate innovation of cell rejuvenation and detoxification to resist inflammation and oxidants in cells reviving cells to be healthier

2. GOS (Galactooligosaccharide) : is the latest innovation of prebiotics with similar compounds to those found in breast milk of new mothers that help you to get a beatiful, glowing skin.

3. FOS Fructooligosaccharide) is a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber serving as food for friendly bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria

4. Inulin is a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber serving as food for friendly bacteria while enhancing the gut's function

5. Chitosan from mushroom helps trap fat molecules, cholesterol and heavy metals and removes them from the body through fecal excretion

6. Pineapple Fiber – is soluble fiber that has a property as Prebiotic and helps absorb starch and sugar more slowly.

7. Wheatgrass – expels various toxins with rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

8. Psyllium Husk – traps fats and reduces fats intake.

9. Artichokes Extract – helps with digestion, reduces fats, reduces cholesterol, and helps promote the function of the gallbladder.

10. Garcinia Cambogia – traps starch and fats, reduces appetite, and helps with the metabolism.

11. Alfalfa – helps treat stomach disease and colic.

12. Vitamin Premixes – provides antioxidants as well as repairs and adds the missing parts of cells in the body.

13. Apple Powder – provides antioxidants and reduces fats and blood sugar.

14. Blackberry – provides antioxidants and reduces the risk of cancer and stroke.

15. Cranberry – provides antioxidants, enhances immunity, nourishes skin, and helps treat bladder inflammation.

16. Melon – provides antioxidants, helps reduce stress, and restores skin to be strong and not dull.

17. Raspberry – provides antioxidants, reduces premature aging, and prevents cancer.

18. Orange – provides antioxidants and promotes skin to be radiant.

How To use

Renatar FiberX contains 7 sachets, brewed with 150-200 ml of cold water, excreting 6-8 hours after drinking.

Safety Warning

The groups of people who should not eat are pregnant woman, breastfeeding mothers, infants, young children under 7 years old, patients with kidney disease and critically ill patients as prescribed by the doctor.

(Due to Renatar Fiber X is 100% natural, it is completely free to use and has no residue. Therefore not harmful to the general public Except for some individuals who are allergic to certain nutrients that match ingredients, intensive care, surgical patients, and individuals who are not required to the excessive nutrition as described above)

Shelf Life : 2 years

Company : Renatar Innovation Group Co., Ltd.

1 Moo7 ,San Kamphaeng , Chiang Mai, Thailand 50130

02-0152399 [email protected]

Renatar Innovation Group Co., Ltd.

RENATAR is the standardized leader in the distribution of dietary supplement products which has been certified by the national and international levels. We focus on improving the quality of life and health care for all consumers as well as creating opportunities to progress for all agents.

Nowadays, all consumers have to select the best product for themselves. Therefore, Renatar has to stick to the principle of "product for our consumption" as a concept in the production whether it is high-quality raw materials, imported from both domestic and foreign for the highest efficiency in consumption. Moreover, safety is a very important matter in the market. Consequently, our products have been certified by GMP codex and FDA safety standards. Our factory has been certified by Intertek. Recently, Renatar has been certified by halal standards which is good news for Muslims as well.


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