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Shields and Heals: Glowing from Within

Company The AVA Group Co.,Ltd

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Honey Potion

Product Description:

The potion contained with vitamins to nourish the skin. The taste is tasty lemon. It combines with 21 herbal extracts. It is effective for nourishing the skin deeper and solving various customer’s problem.

The AVA’s customer:

 - People who suffer from joint, bone, and muscle pains due to collagen deficiency and aging.

 - People who want to maintain their hair and nails to grow faster in a healthy and strong way.

 - People with inflamed, dry or peeling skin from the environment and injured skin as well as having wounds including accelerating the healing of wounds.

 - It is suitable for women like menstrual cramps, infertility, and uterine maintenance.

 - People who are constipated, bloated stomach, and difficult to excrete.

 - People with aging skin, wrinkles, large pores without tightening.

Product Highlights:

- The potion contained with vitamins to nourish the skin in the 100% honey flavor (not containing additional flavoring) Therefore, it will contain with the benefits of lemon and honey to nourish the skin.

- Can brew with both hot and cold water.

- Ingredients are all-natural substances without harmful substances as required by law. It is produced by DOD Biotech Public Company. It is guaranteed by the quality and production standards of the country's top factory which is registered on the stock market.

- The tasty flavor and make you beautiful without fear of fat by sucralose which is a sweetener instead of sugar. Moreover, total calories are only 60 k cal per sachet.

- 21 powerful ingredients with properties to prevent and revive your health.


Shields = Prevention

1. Anti UV: Sun proof

2. Anti-Oxidation: Against free radicals

3. Anti-Ageing: Anti-aging

4. Anti-Inflammation: Reduce joint pain and muscle aches

5. Detoxification: Activate excretion and prevent the accumulation of waste in the body.

Heals = Revival

1. Moisturize: Add moisture to the skin, reduce the symptoms of dry skin and makeup longer.

2. Rejuvenate: Repair damaged areas and activate new skin cells, long hair, and nails for being healthier.

3. Brightening: Brighten the skin naturally.

4. Immune Balance: Strengthen the immune system, prevent and relieve infections such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

5. Hormone Balance: Balance hormones in the body, maintain uterus without and relieve menstrual cramps.

Ingredients AVA

1. Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide (HACP) 

2. Salmon Proteoglycans 

3. Honey Powder 

4. Lemon Powder

5. L-Cysteine 

6. Acerola Cherry 

7. L-Glutathione 

8. Lychee Extract 

9. French Melon Extract 

10. Dong Qui Herb 

11. Spanish Pomegranate Extract 

12. Pineapple Extract 

13. Soybean Protein

14. Tomato Extract 

15. Propolis 

16. Italian Red Orange Extract 

17. Alpha Lipoic Acid 

18. Zinc Amino Chelate 20% 

19. Coenzyme Q10 

20. Grape Seed Extract 

21. Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopheryl Acid) 

Direction (How to use) : 

Brew in 150 ml of cold or normal water. Stir to dissolve

Company : The AVA Group Co.,Ltd

13/165 Kanchanapisek Road ,Bangphai , Bangkok, Thailand 10160

02-0152399 [email protected]

The AVA Group Co.,Ltd

The AVA Group Co.,Ltd focuses on presenting modern healthcare products. Every product that will be reached to each consumer has to be effective and high quality. We are group of doctor and pharmacist that develops products by ourselves; we collect researches, test each component and bring local wisdom to apply by using herbs and various fruits. We use the mentioned method in enrichment and healthcare; therefore, it assures that the products from our company will serve requirement and solve problems of clients truly.

Brand’s owners are doctors and pharmacists

who develop products by themselves; therefore, the products are effective and safe

The components in each product of company has researches and medical articles to support efficiency of healthcare.