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got a soft and mite protection for your bed without replacing a new one

Company JP Bedding

185/151 Ladprao 126 Wangthonglang Plubpla BKK 10310 ,Ladprao , Bangkok, Thailand 10230

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

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JP Bedding  

we provide better sleep 

Mattress Topper with Straps

 Made in Thailand Certified Anti-mite 4 Method Lab Tested Firm Thick 4”
Microfiber Pad with High Density Polyester Filling – Single, Queen, King (White)


Product Advantages :

LAB TESTED & CERFICATED : Outer fabric has been thoroughly tested in sterile hospital laboratories & certified by Thai hospital. 
Recommended for those will mite allergies.

PREMIUM POLYESTER FILLING : Generously filled with special 1000GSM 3D polyester fibers to increase firmness of bed. Firmer padded topper than others. Shown to provide orthopedic support for a restful night's sleep.

100% MADE IN THAILAND : Crafted in Thailand. Produced in a ISO 9001 standard factory for quality assurance. Better grade materials & noticeably better craftsmanship than bedding linens manufactured in Chinese facilities.

HIGH DENSITY 4” THICKNESS : Thicker & denser than most other mattress toppers. Adds multiple layers of cushioned padding to bed for a luxurious pillow top effect. Doesn't squish flat when slept on like other mattress topper pads.

REUSABLE NON VACUUM BAG : Mattress topper packaged in large clear view PVC bag without vacuuming to fit. The big bag can be reused for storing the topper if necessary, whereas vacuumed bags are unusable once opened.

AllTheBed's mattress topper with straps is the ultimate mattress topper non slip pad

for those looking to enhance their sleeping experience. With a firm feeling, thickness,

our mattress topper cushions the body with comfort to render a restful night's sleep.

⭐ FIRM 4 INCH THICKNESS - 4 inches Mattress Topper Retains Density - Doesn't Squish Flat Like Others

Thicker & firmer than other down alternative mattress toppers. Best choice for increasing mattress softness.

⭐ WITH SURE FIT STRAPS - Soft Mattress Topper Enhanced with Elastic Corner Straps for a Snug Fit

Elastic mattress topper straps stretch over each corner to ensure a no-slip fit. No slipping under your sheets.

⭐ MACHINE WASHABLE - Wash Topper with soft mode on Delicate Cycle & Lay Flat to Dry - No Need to Dry Clean

Conveniently machine washable. Simply launder on gentle cycle to prevent filling from bunching or shifting.

- Single Mattress Topper : 100x200cm

- Queen Mattress Topper : 150x200cm

- King Mattress Topper : 180x200cm


✅ 100% Made in Thailand

✅ Tested in Hospital Lab Facilities That Meet Strict Safety Standards for allergies

✅ Firm feeling with 4 inches Thickness


We pride ourselves on providing the finest bedding & linens for those in need of quality sleep.
Rest, relax & recharge each night sleeping
upon the softest mattress topper money can buy.
Our high density mattress topper increases the softness, thickness & comfort level of your 
mattress instantly.
Sleep peacefully knowing you're protected from us
Recommended alternative for those Allergic to mite.
You're only a few clicks away from owning the mattress topper everyone can't stop talking about.
Click Inquiry to order yours now ! 
Satisfaction Guarantee

got a soft and mite protection for your bed without replacing a new one 

Product Specification / Ingredients : polyester 

Direction : cover bed on top, use elastic strap on each bed corner and put bed sheet as cover as final 

Safety Warning : wash with care 

Company : JP Bedding

185/151 Ladprao 126 Wangthonglang Plubpla BKK 10310 ,Ladprao , Bangkok, Thailand 10230

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

JP Bedding  

we provide better sleep 

 2016 start facebook page and online sell

 2017 start warehouse and lauch first shop 

 2018 launch second shop and 

2019 launch third shop